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The RDL Story

Mirinda du Plessis is the founder and CEO of RDL.


Her entrepreneurial leadership journey began over 25 years ago when she established Du Plessis Lawyers, while at the same time welcoming two more children into her family. Her extraordinary 12-year business journey would ultimately pave the way for RDL.

She built her own law firm from scratch into a highly successful family business. However, this was not without hardship. In her sixth year, she and her team of 12 suffered a sudden and devastating setback that threatened to destroy all she had worked for. 


Over the following three-year period, Mirinda expertly navigated her team through uncharted waters, leading them in the transformation of the company from struggling to survival, at the same time successfully scaling the business. The company's profits soared into the multi-millions, while her 12 employees grew into a Soul Singing Team of 42.


Collectively and individually they achieved amazing things, because together they worked in their genius zones and in team synergy. This included developing a paperless law office that would handle 63,000 matters, and establishing technological systems that were well ahead of the curve.

Mirinda is a gifted entrepreneurial leader, often embracing innovative leadership concepts well before they become accepted practice. 


Through first-hand experience of these challenges and successes, she learned that true Soul Singing Teams require three pillars: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Team Synergy and Profit Innovation. These became the flagships of RDL. To make it repeatable, she developed the 5x5 Red Diamond® Strategy, which was implemented here in NZ,  and has been proven to work superbly across countries and cultures.


Our RDL Values

Lead With Love and Wisdom

Speaking the truth in love is our desired superpower. Winning the hearts and engaging the minds of each one of our team members is our mission. It takes wisdom, warmth and energy to lead with love, while holding ourselves and our people consistently accountable. We have the scars of wisdom to prove that the more you care about people, the greater your impact as a leader will be.

Engage in "Eyeball" Conversations

We don't shy away from challenging others, the status quo, and above all, ourselves. We do our best work during face-to-face conversations. In these authentic discussions, it's amazing how often our clients find "diamonds in the dust". Our in-depth team conversations ignite us to learn from one another, so we're then able to think the unthinkable and see the invisible.

Deliver Extraordinary Value

It's precisely because of our diverse perspectives and different experiences that we are empowered to create extraordinary value for our RDL clients. We've seen over and over again that extraordinary value creation is the cornerstone of building Profoundly Profitable Businesses.

Work in Team Synergy

Soul Singing Teams,® where everyone is working in their genius zone and in synergy, is our "secret sauce". Team trust, and radical but harmonious collaboration are at the core of everything we think, say and do. We merge everything we have and who we are collectively, to serve entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Ignite Profit Innovation

We have an incurable passion to progress, and we bring that same passion to helping others succeed. We find and create innovative but sensible solutions to our business owners' most pressing business challenges. We reiterate to leaders and their teams that Profit Innovation is doing far more with far less. Scarcity and adversity is therefore fertile ground for Profit Innovation.

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Our RDL Purpose

✔️ Our RDL Why!

We impact lives, one leader and one team at a time by transforming the way SME leaders and their teams work.

We transform lives because we ignite Profit Innovation by unleashing one of the richest sources of energy on earth namely Team Synergy!


✔️ So What?

We empower SME leaders and their teams to build Profoundly Profitable Businesses that are financially exceptionally rewarding as well as emotionally fulfilling. ​


✔️ How?

We recruit new staff to set teams and their leaders up for success.

We coach Soul Singing Teams to collaborate and work together in Team Synergy.

How We Work

We live our values, so we'll only work with clients who are ready to make real, impactful change that will take them to the next level of achieving a Profoundly Profitable Business. 

We lead with love, so our experts are with you every step of the way, guiding and coaching you to where you want your business to be. 

We collaborate, and see working together as a partnership, where we're aligned with purpose and intent to reach your goals.

We have authentic conversations that demand openness and honesty from everyone involved, leading to sustainable solutions and strategies that work for your business.

We're not afraid of innovation and finding new ways to do things that will put you streets ahead of  your competition. 

We always strive to create extraordinary value for you, your team and your business.

The RDL Team
Recruitment and
Business Consultants

The RDL team merges consulting and coaching

to achieve the most effective and long-lasting business results

Kris de Jong has been successfully coaching ambitious professionals and leaders for over 15 years.

After a 10-year career in people management, he decided to do his own thing and help others achieve their dreams. He established his Executive Life Coaching business after gaining certification in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Professional Life Coaching, and Executive Leadership Coaching.

Kris holds a degree in biology and psychology. He's a member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC), a co-founding ambassador for Prox.io, and an executive contributor to Brainz magazine. His articles have featured in various national publications.

Kris also has direct investments in Kiwi companies looking to expand, and has a passion for helping NZ businesses succeed.

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Kris de Jong
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Mirinda studied law at a Christian University, while  juggling motherhood during a seven-year journey to become a lawyer.

She started her own law firm to create a job for herself. Little did she know that her company would also become the university of life, where she learned through practical experience about Entrepreneurial Leadership, Team Synergy and Profit Innovation.


Her 12-year commercial law experience combined her own business-building with giving practical legal advice and solutions to her clients' most pressing business challenges. Those clients ranged from small businesses to corporate giants. Mirinda likes to say, "I've seen it all or at least... a lot." 


This experience powers Mirinda's ability to provide practical, sensible but innovative solutions. Her dedication to helping ambitious leaders to build Soul Singing Teams® is inspiring to all who work with her.

"We only offer 2 free 50 minute discovery sessions each week."
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We live and work in New Zealand

Some of us were born here, and some of us chose to make this country our home. This is the place where we get together, and we love living and working in NZ.

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