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We Help You Build A Successful Business That Has A Soul Singing Team®


"Do You Have A
Soul Singing Team?"

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How We Work

We live our values, so we'll only work with clients who are ready to make real, impactful change that will take them to the next level of achieving a Profoundly Profitable Business. 

We lead with love, so our experts are with you every step of the way, guiding and coaching you to where you want your business to be. 

We collaborate, and see working together as a partnership, where we're aligned with purpose and intent to reach your goals.

We have authentic conversations that demand openness and honesty from everyone involved, leading to sustainable solutions and strategies that work for your business.

We're not afraid of innovation and finding new ways to do things that will put you streets ahead of  your competition. 

We always strive to create extraordinary value for you, your team and your business.

At RDL we say:
"Training, if not followed by
   action, is just entertainment
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There is HOPE for our future

We live and work in New Zealand

Some of us were born here and stayed here. Some of us chose to make this country their home. But this is the place where we get together and this is where we live and work. We love living and working in NZ.

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Build a Profoundly Profitable Business with your Soul Singing Team®