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Do You Want To Get Recruitment Right?

We recruit new staff

We coach teams to stick together

We coach teams to build profoundly profitable businesses

Selecting the right people is vital to the business success equation - it’s our passion. We go beyond the CV.

A Soul Singing Team® means having the right people in the right roles and all working aligned with their unique capabilities. When this happens, your business will run like a well-oiled machine. RDL is focused on getting the people that are the best fit for your company so you can succeed. We take the time to get to know your business and what you're looking for in an employee. This allows us to find the people that will complement your company culture and increase your business efficiency.

We become our client's business brand advocates

Recruitment is important for any business but can be especially challenging for small businesses. They often don't have the same resources as larger businesses and may not have a dedicated HR team. This is where we come in.

We are the leading small business recruitment experts but know that teamwork is vital to success, so we offer you an end-to-end recruitment service for all roles within your business. We search, find and select the best candidates for your organisation - from entry-level to senior management - through our specialist knowledge, cutting-edge technology and personalised approach.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you find the best candidates for your business.

Our unique small business recruitment fee structure adds extraordinary value:

Small Businesses (fewer than 20 employees) = 1 month's salary + GST

More than 20 employees = 2 months' salary + GST

50% of the fee is paid on the placement's first day of work, and the remaining 50% is on their 3-month work anniversary. If the new employee has left before 3 months for any reason, you don't pay the remaining 50%, no questions asked.

(Full terms and conditions apply)

Recruitment Case Studies

How the RDL candidate profile made me look at the applicants differently
RDL recruited one of our leadership roles. They presented the candidates to me to then consider whether they were suitable for me to interview. In truth I would not have considered this one person if he had applied to us directly.
However, RDL compiled a complete profile of the potential candidate which changed my mind. The profile included full reference checks and all the necessary information. The RDL profile and reference checks helped me to see this candidate in a new and more positive light.
As a result of the RDL profile I agreed to interview this candidate. I was then able to offer this person a leadership role because I had followed the RDL process without which we would have missed out on hiring this talented individual.
Why I was going to advertise for a role I could not manage myself and how RDL changed my mind
I thought that I needed assistance and that by hiring a salesperson my problems would be solved. I therefore approached RDL and we had a meeting to explore possibilities of working together.
As it turned out however, RDL advised that now was not the right time to be recruiting for this role. They showed me that I had no framework in place to be able to offer a complete training system, and on top of that I had no process in place to be able to manage a salesperson. I would essentially be setting up this person for failure.
But RDL did not just leave it there, they guided me to then plan so that I was able to recruit for this role in future.
I had two candidates, one exactly what I asked for, and the other was precisely what I needed
RDL gave me two candidates to interview. One was to a "T" what I described I wanted, but wait there's more. The second candidate was totally different, but precisely what I needed to achieve the desired business outcomes.
RDL merely presented the candidates, highlighting their skills, character and strengths. I was dumbstruck asking "Who should I appoint?!"
RDL still didn't advise... simply asking. Imagine the role is filled. After one week what is the outcome you need the candidate to achieve?
Okay... now who will that person be. The answer was glaringly obvious. RDL gave me both what I asked for, but expertly presented what my business and I needed. 

"Great vision without great people is irrelevant."

— Jim Collins