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Create Team Trust and Harmony Using The Red Diamond  Communication Framework

RDL guides you to peak leadership performance

RDL trains your team to work together in their genius zone

RDL recruits the best people for your business to flourish

All-Round Team Trust Makes

Or Breaks Teamwork

Are your people all singing from the same song sheet,

or are they all pulling in different directions?

Are they working together in synergy towards the business goals,

or are mistrust and miscommunication rampant?

Are you frustrated by team disharmony,

even though your business is successful?

Trust is the single most essential element to a team's ability to deliver extraordinary results in an enduring way. Trust leads to harmony, and that ignites high performance - the engine that powers your business to work as it should. The combined force of harmonious teamwork and all-round team trust is therefore the first defense against team miscommunication and dysfunction. This combined force is also the first step towards creating a desirable place to work and better business outcomes.

We change the communication pain into gain, because we train teams to work harmoniously, using the powerful Red Diamond communication framework. 

Within just five days, you'll have paved the way to building all-round team trust, through positively impacting people's mindsets and behaviours.


Then the 5 levels of team trust become the bedrock of building your Soul Singing Team Even a strong-willed or resistant team can be transformed from dysfunctional to dynamic, because they'll be working in their own genius zones while discovering new and exciting possibilities for themselves and their workplace.

Take the first step - call us now to talk about your team's challenges.

We can meet at your place of business and show you, step-by-step, how to implement the Red Diamond communication framework. 

“The combined force of harmonious teamwork and all-round trust is the first defense against team dysfunction.”
— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL


"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."
— Harry S. Truman

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