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You'll Achieve Amazing Things When Your Team Works In Their Genius Zone

RDL guides you to peak leadership performance

RDL trains your team to work together in their genius zone

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"Working In Your Genius Zone Unleashes Your Hidden Power."

— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL

Working in your genius zone means doing what you do best. When everyone works together in their own unique genius zones, it's called team synergy. This is where the magic happens - when each individual is energised by their work, and moving in the same direction with the same purpose.


Everyone in your team has the potential to work in their genius zone. Guiding and empowering your team to work in their genius zones maximises their energy, instead of depleting it.


Every member of your team can thrive through discovering which tasks or activities fit into their intersection of talent, capability and responsibility. 

When people spend their time doing their best work, productivity goes up, clients get better service, company culture improves, and everyone looks forward to going to work every day. 

Working as a team can be compared to running a marathon. Winning in business means that you need to win the long game. You need a team that works well together, so that your business is not key-person dependent. You need team synergy.

"If you take out the team in teamwork, it's just work. Now who wants that?"

— Matthew Stover

The 5 Work Zone Levels

Many people just go through the motions every day with unused potential, operating in their lowest work zone. They experience synergy only sometimes, in small, peripheral ways. But creative and energising experiences can be produced consistently, almost daily, in people's lives. It requires authentic conversations, all-round team trust, enormous personal security and Entrepreneurial Leadership.   


Discovering and building genius zones within your team requires more than just identifying skills and talents and simply ticking a box. It means embarking on a journey of self-discovery that empowers the individual to want to explore their own unique abilities, and to gain a real sense of purpose and meaning in their work.

RDL are the experts in guiding people through this tricky process. It takes time, skill and experience, but the outcomes achieved are unbelievably worth it. 

The 5 work zone levels:

1. Danger Zone

In this zone, you're engaging in something you inherently don't understand or are not competent at. Spending time and energy here is wasted, unless it's absolutely necessary for a limited time, or crucial for your development or creativity.

2. Average Zone

You're competent and you can do these activities, but you're no better or worse than average. You're therefore not distinguishing your capabilities in any significant way. 

3. Comfort Zone

You're doing very good work because you're tremendously skilled and efficient at it. High performers live in this zone, and often find their work satisfying. The comfort zone is cultivated because it's practised and established over time. This is the hardest zone to break away from because this is where you feel valued, although deep down you know that you need a challenge, or to discover your true purpose.

4. Genius Zone

You're merging your talent, responsibilities and unique experiences in a way that energises you, and gives you a sense of purpose. You're often in a 'flow' state, where time passes without you noticing, and what you do doesn't feel like work. Everything seems so natural to you, so it can be hard for you to accept that your results are truly exceptional.

5. Red Diamond Zone®

The whole team operates in their various genius zones and collaborate in harmonious synergy, exactly because of their diversity. The combined value of their performance is exponentially better than the sum of their individual contributions. It's often difficult to distinguish these individual contributions because they play together like a symphony.


The Red Diamond Zone is where innovation lives, and therefore the competition becomes irrelevant. We call them Soul Singing Teams®, and as they sing from the same song sheet, they build Profoundly Profitable Businesses. They are as rare and valuable as genuine red diamonds. 

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"Team Synergy can most certainly achieve what initially seems impossible."
— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL