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Build A Team That Performs As If They're Singing From The Soul.
In Essence A Soul Singing Team!

RDL trains you to peak leadership performance

RDL trains your team to work together in their genius zone

RDL recruits the best people for your business to flourish

Unique Individual Talents

Are The Key Notes

Of Soul Singing Teams®

Whatever you want in life or business, you can build a team around you to accomplish it. If you believe in it, so will your team.

Bring your Soul Singing Team with you to achieve your dream.

"As a Small Business Leader,

you build the engine of your business,

and the engine will power and build your business.
The engine is your team."

— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL
Steven Covey said synergy happens when one plus one equals ten, a hundred, or even a thousand! It's the profound result of respectful human beings determined to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a significant challenge. We wholeheartedly agree, and your team's synergy is vital to your future success.

You build your "teamwork engine" and

your team can power and build your profoundly profitable business


The Red Diamond Framework merges the three pillars of Entrepreneurial Leadership, Team Synergy, and Profit Innovation to build a Soul Singing Team.

In a business context, team synergy means that a team can put forth a collaborative effort that exceeds an individual's output. Every team member has a "paddle in the canoe" and works synchronicity to achieve desired outcomes.
The Soul Singing Team Zone®

Extraordinary value creation through innovation thrives in the Soul Singing Team Zone. Getting there is not a natural process and requires entrepreneurial leaders to guide their people to work aligned to their respective unique talents.


However, like those rare and valuable red diamonds, it's worth it because it's the springboard for innovative solutions and exceptional work. There's nearly no competition for leaders who will take up the challenge to work in the Soul Singing Team Zone. Ambitious Small Business Leaders love the challenge and the journey of building their own Soul Singing Team.

Soul Singing Teams build businesses that are financially exceptionally rewarding and emotionally fulfilling. It is, however, your job as the Small Business Leader to build the "teamwork engine" that powers and builds your business. 

"Energy management transcends

time management."

— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL

Sounds too hard  to involve the whole team? No, that's our genius zone! 

We train your team so that within just 10 days, they start to think, communicate, and do things differently. We believe you learn by doing. How? By using our framework as a tool to unleash behaviours that get people motivated, engaged and energised. The clarity of our framework drives action through authentic conversations. 

It all starts and ends with you as the leader.
Your business can never outgrow your leadership mindset.
Your leadership mindset is either a handbrake or an accelerator.


You already have a successful business, but the constant "busyness" and fire-fighting is keeping you from further developing your leadership skills and taking your business to the next level. That's why we've developed a proven and simple system to up your game as an incredible leader, so you can take your team with you to get the business you really want.

We expertly train you and your team, and recruit the best people for you and your business.

"Teamwork is where innovation lives and it makes the competition irrelevant."
— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL
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