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Are you tired of hearing this?

"You're dreaming
  too big!"

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Get Your Soul Singing Team Singing
From The Same Song Sheet

The Red Diamond® Framework, merged with your shared vision and values, unique culture and heroic goals make up your team's song sheet

When faced with uncertainty, Entrepreneurial Leaders experiment, learn by doing, then analyse and repeat the process. They want to solve problems collaboratively, and have a restless need to explore and learn. Entrepreneurial Leaders can anticipate the need for change, so are able to adapt quickly and perform well in unpredictable environments.


Compare this proactive mindset with an "analyse, then act" leadership approach, and the difference is clear. It matters most in the face of adversity, uncertainty and scarcity, because Entrepreneurial Leaders are experts at navigating troubled waters.​


These leaders organise their teams to pursue a common goal, by encouraging personal responsibility and managing change within a dynamic environment, for the benefit of the company. They always take advantage of opportunities to innovate.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference,
try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”

— Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Entrepreneurial Leadership is not one particular trait, but rather a range of different personal attributes. These include the ability to anticipate, think strategically, be visionary and make sensible decisions while maintaining flexibility. The critically important factor is caring about their people and their company.

Entrepreneurial Leaders aim to cultivate entrepreneurial individuals and teams that fully leverage their creative potential in adding value to the business. They set goals that stretch their team's abilities and build confidence. They're respected for their values and leadership, as well as their expertise. Success is therefore not only measured in profits, but also in terms of how people feel about their work and themselves.

Entrepreneurial Leaders are made, not born. It's a muscle that can be developed over time with diligent practice. RDL will show you exactly how to become an exceptional Entrepreneurial Leader.

"Team synergy without strategy results in a waste of energy."

— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL

Entrepreneurial Leaders are - vitally - still part of the team, but they're the glue that holds everything  together. 

​Your Soul Singing Team will only win the long game in business if they all sing from the same song sheet, using the the Red Diamond Framework, personalised with your shared values, unique culture and heroic goals.

The Red Diamond Leadership Levels


​Level 1 - The Emerging Leader 

A competent leader who builds a capable team.

They don't talk about their team behind their backs.

They know their team has their back.


Level 2 - The Good Leader

A good leader who builds an excellent team through trust.

They're not concerned when their team expresses their faults, fears, and failures.

They know it's a psychologically safe place in which to be vulnerable.


Level 3 - The Great Leader

A great leader who builds a high-performing team who work together in harmony.

They feel valued for the skills and strengths they bring to their team.

Their team understands who they are and what's most important to them.


Level 4 - The Incredible Leader

An incredible leader who builds a dynamic team who work in their various genius zones.

They feel confident their team are united and that they're better together.

Their people challenge the status quo, each other and above all, themselves.


Level 5 - The Red Diamond Leader®

An exceptional Entrepreneurial Leader who builds a Soul Singing Team®.

Their people love working together in diverse team synergy.

They keep score of their team results, and they celebrate their wins.

The Soul Singing Team® executes and accelerates the strategy that will win the long game.


In becoming a Red Diamond Entrepreneurial Leader you create extraordinary value for your team, your clients, your business and yourself.

Your leadership determines whether you have an ordinary team that limits possibilities, or a Soul Singing Team that will make your business soar

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjust the sails."
— John Maxwell
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