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We have a three-phase recruitment fee option available to help you build your team

The one stop leadership and team trust hub for small business leaders

We believe that talent and strategy, but also vision, values, and purpose must be carefully aligned in order to create valuable and long-lasting results. ​


We are ultimately in the business of negotiating deals that make good business sense for our clients and offer great career opportunities for leaders. ​


It is our goal to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, every offer extended will then subsequently be accepted. ​ Simply stated, we try to set the stage in such a manner that success is inevitable.

Our three-step leadership recruitment process


The collaboration 

We work with your organisation to analyse the type of leader your organisation needs. ​Getting to know your organisation's  purpose, culture and strategy is crucial in ensuring we match you with the best leadership talent.


The treasure hunt

We rigorously search for leaders that match your business. Our networks expand across the world and throughout New Zealand — ensuring we attract the best talent to your organisation.


Hiring your new leader

We conduct in-depth interviews and reference checks and then present you with an incredible list of candidate profiles tailored to your organisation. We then work closely with you to select the best leader to accelerate your organisation forward.


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