Successfully Scale Without Funding, Through Profit Innovation

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"Innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers."

— Steve Jobs

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Do You Want To Be The Industry Leader?
Do You Want To Be No. 1?

Do you want to lift the ceiling that's limiting your income?

How can you scale your business 5-fold or more without extra funding? Through Profit Innovation, using the Red Diamond 5x5 Strategy®. It means providing extraordinary value to your clients and radically reducing your business costs. 
There are limited ways to reduce costs, but the secret is to go beyond the numbers, and focus on diverse team synergy and efficiency using the proven Red Diamond Framework. This is the 'secret sauce' of extraordinary businesses - true Profit Innovation. It means you bring your team along on the journey, and that journey is fun, fulfilling and energising.
Sound impossible? RDL can show you how, because we've done it with remarkable success.
In simple terms, it means to start by making more money from your business with the same revenue, through reducing costs and increasing value. From there, you can scale up using a repeatable and predictable system, that brings in consistently high profits. 
For example, if you're making $150k profit on $1m right now: 
On your own, you will grow to $5m and make $750m
On your own, you'll likely increase your revenue and profit in the same proportion
With RDL, the aim is to first increase your profit from $150 to $250k on $1m
Then we guide you to increase your revenue to $5m, but your profit will be $1.25m
Scaling 5-fold with RDL may mean that you end up with double the profit - $1.25m instead of $750k on your own

It all starts with Entrepreneurial Leadership and Soul Singing Teams

RDL develops you into a Red Diamond Entrepreneurial Leader, so you can take your Soul Singing Team with you on your way to building your dream business. You'll successfully scale by winning the hearts  of your leaders, your team and your clients, and by creating a supreme system that's based on trust and harmony, all built around your values and unique culture.
Team synergy ensures everyone is singing from the same song sheet, using the 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy, and this creates Profit Innovation, leading to a Profoundly Profitable Business.
Profit Innovation is the key to growth
Profit Innovation leads to extreme profits, and is driven by human-centric Entrepreneurial Leadership. But the key is to systemise it, to create a repeatable money-making machine that brings in extraordinary profits again and again.
Scaling your business through Profit Innovation and doing it right takes time and patience. Luckily, RDL lives and breathes this stuff, so we guide you and your team every step of the way to ensure your success.
Our CEO was a Profit Innovation leader before the term was even thought of. At a time of extreme hardship, she was able to navigate her business to not only survive, but grow into a multi-million-enterprise. As a result of this experience and years of research, she expertly developed the powerful 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy® that systemises Profit Innovation solutions for businesses. 
It's an extremely simple but actionable human-centric innovation strategy. We show you how to give clients extraordinary value while empowering your team to become high performers, ensuring lower costs and bigger profits. With us by your side, you can successfully build a supreme system that  embeds innovation into the daily activities of your organisation. At RDL, we believe scarcity and setbacks can be a springboard for your business success.
The 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy®
The 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy creates extraordinary value for your team and your clients through building repeatable and predictable systems with team synergy. This is how you win the hearts of your people and your clients.
In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to be ready for disruption and rapid change. The businesses that survive and take advantage of opportunities are the ones that build a supreme system first, enabling them to value innovate effectively. This is where RDL comes in. 
The 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy has been successfully applied across a variety of cultures and countries. RDL knows exactly how to train, guide and support you to become the innovation leader in your industry.
There's very little competition in the value innovation space, and no barriers to entry! 

BUT, a warning: Trying to innovate simply for change's sake isn't going to work. Innovation, if not done right, will drive some of your best team members away. You need to protect and nurture the core of your business and revenue while you scale and innovate, otherwise your business will wither away.


We don't want these preventable things to happen to you, your team, or your business!

That's why we developed the 5x5 Red Diamond Strategy to protect 

business as usual, while giving you a repeatable human-centric innovation strategy to  build your Profoundly Profitable Business

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It's like Milton Berle, said:
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."


There is HOPE for our future

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