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Successfully Scale Your Business Without External Funding

Complete the "Scale your Small Business" scorecard here. It will only take a couple of minutes, and you'll receive an email with your results. 

Successfully Scale your Business with RDL

Your Challenge is to

Scale to the Next Level

Without External Funding

  • Did you start your business more than five years ago?

  • Do you feel stagnant and crave a new challenge?

  • Do you feel your energy is leaking like water from a bucket full of holes?

  • Would you like to take your business to the next level, but afraid of losing everything you've worked so hard for?


We will Expertly Guide you to Create Extraordinary Value and Scale your Business from $1m to $5m 

Call us today on NZ tel. 0800-1 0800-1

Complete the "Scale your Small Business" scorecard here. It will only take a couple of minutes, and you'll receive an email with your results. Many owners have a "lightbulb moment" when they see exactly what is holding their business back.

Continued growth, without structured and systemised scaling, will eventually result in heartbreak. You won't see it coming though because unstructured growth will first give you a great taste of success. You will then want to grow more because you are determined that more growth will result in more success.


You are unfortunately, blissfully unaware of the danger lurking just around the corner. It is only a matter of time before an unstructured business will become unmanageable. One of the signs that a business is starting to grow out of control is that business owners find it hard to hold team members accountable.


You weren't warned that not only will more of the same not guarantee future success, but that the success you have won't last, and that it will slowly wither away. We, however, hope that you'll scale successfully before you turn that corner.

Your current success is a dim indicator of future success. Your success, and your emotional wellbeing, will probably wither away unless you build an effective team rooted in team trust who work in harmony.  The good news is that it is also the springboard to successfully scale your small business.

Businesswoman stops a chain fall like domino game. Concept of preventing crisis and failur

Are your people working well together? Do they trust you and each other? Are they executing and accelerating your strategy?

Repeatable Process

Is your business "key people" or "single person" dependent? Do you have a repeatable process? Can you take a two-month holiday?


Did you train your brain to be  mentally tough? Are you nurturing your people and holding them consistently accountable?

"Scaling your small business is a team game."

Mirinda du Plessis

RDL trains you to become the leader your people want to follow


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"How could you predict to the dollar what our income growth would be? Thank you for giving us hope and helping me to stand tall again. It was hard to have had that success and then be down and out. At times it felt like you cared more about my business future than I myself did."

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"Our income increased 300%, but our profit was far higher. It started with a recruitment strategy. RDL advised us against recruiting for a high end role we wanted. They suggested that we rather change our business process and recruit for an entry level role."

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"Winning as a team is what we are made of. I could not have imagined that having regular meetings can be this much fun. We love to keep score and hold one another accountable for our progressive results."

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