Build A Profoundly Profitable Business With Your Soul Singing Team®

RDL guides you to peak leadership performance

RDL trains your team to work together in their genius zone

RDL recruits the best people for your business to flourish

"Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much"

— Helen Keller

Imagine having the business, team and lifestyle you've always wanted. Imagine feeling truly fulfilled and aligned with your people. Imagine having the freedom and ability to choose how you want to live your life. Remember why you wanted to run your own business in the first place? Now is the time to realise that dream. 

What's holding you back from building the business of your dreams?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

I'm worried I'll lose my team 

The business has limited resources for growth

I don't want the drama that comes with change

I'm afraid of the risk to the business if we try to grow too quickly

I don't want to disrupt my team

The time's not right yet

The truth is, you can absolutely scale your business without borrowing money, by maximising profits and creating value innovation, using the Red Diamond Framework.

RDL are the experts in helping to bring your people with you on your way to building your dream business

Building your Profoundly Profitable Business is a team game. It's all about trust - you'll build a Soul Singing Team® who'll work harmoniously in their various genius zones. Like you, the people on your team want to feel appreciated, engaged, and empowered to do their best work. Your people will be free to unleash their own special energy and capabilities that will enable them to achieve their goals, and the goals of the business.


A team in synergy positively impacts service delivery to your clients, super-charging your profits. How well your team works together affects your business, each individual team member, you as the leader, and your clients.

Find out if scaling your business 5-fold is achievable

We show you exactly how to create value innovation through Entrepreneurial Leadership and the 5x5 Red Diamond® Strategy.

We guide you in building a repeatable supreme system for your Soul Singing Team to work in their genius zone.

We look at the whole picture and find the right people in the right roles for your business.

At RDL, we know how to build Profoundly Profitable Businesses, because we've done it ourselves and for our clients. Using our unique and proven Red Diamond Framework, we're impacting lives by transforming the way people work, one leader and one team at a time.

"If you win the hearts of your people, and engage their minds, you're going to build a Profoundly Profitable Business"

— Mirinda du Plessis, CEO of RDL
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"A comfort zone is a beautiful place,
but nothing ever grows there

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