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Red Diamond Leaders help New Zealand organisations select and hire the leadership talent they need to execute and accelerate their business — and show them the best way to compensate, develop and motivate their people with world-class training programmes.

Our team knows it is not enough to simply identify someone with the right experience. Our goal is to deliver great leaders who will take your organisation to new heights.

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We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals and match them with leaders who can provide meaningful impact




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Our value-adding services

Leadership recruitment

We search, find and align leaders, executives and managers to build winning purpose driven organisations like yours. We appoint leaders ranging from directors, CEOs, COOs, CFOs and CIOs through the whole senior management team, which includes general managers, operation managers, project managers and sales managers. The leaders we place excel and are eager to make an impact. ​ Be assured that we consider each leadership search project entrusted to us as unique.


Leadership training

Our fully customised leadership and management training programmes give executives, directors, managers the skills they need to cultivate a strong work ethic, improve communication, increase productivity and foster collaboration.


Team development

We provide practical tools and training to help teams improve communication, collaboration and effectiveness. This will foster a culture based on trust and inclusion to elevate team performance. Team development workshops are customised to suit your team and business needs.  Training sessions and meetings can be facilitated virtually, at your business premises or off-site.


Diverse team synergy

We train leaders step by step on how to cultivate diverse team synergy.

We will also provide your leadership team with guidance, direction, and assistance to optimise the integration of your vision, values, and purpose. We will help you integrate your culture into every aspect of your organisation from strategic planning to day-to-day operations and conversations. ​


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